Small Business Spotlight: New Americans

Immigration is a major headline these days, but it may be for all the wrong reasons. According to a 2015 study from the Kauffman Foundation, new Americans are twice as likely as native-born citizens to start businesses. Another study shows they make up about 28 percent of "main street" businesses, such as retail, accommodation, and food services. It's hard to argue against facts. Immigrant business owners contribute to the US economy in a big way. Here are three stories to put some faces to the

Ready, Set, HO: Why It’s Time to Start Selling Homeowner’s Insurance

Spring is traditionally the time home sales take off. In fact, real estate agents typically encourage sellers to list their homes early in the year so they're ready for the peak sales period in June. Researchers for Zillow went a step further and found a magic window for sellers. Depending on their location, homes put on the market between mid-March and mid-April can often sell 15 percent faster and for 2 percent more than the average listing.

This is How You Avoid Trading on Tilt

Let’s say you’ve done everything right. You know your entry and exit points. You’ve got your stop losses in place. Then the markets open, things don’t go as planned, and you start to lose. For most people, this creates an immediate and unpleasant physical response: sweaty palms, rapid breathing, and increased heart rate. But the worst part may be how the sudden upsurge of emotion seems to eliminate your ability to think clearly.